06 November 2018


STORYLet's Know More About Me  

Hi everyone, if we talk about "introduce self", how many times have you heard the phrase ? Are you still remember that. Most of human in the world they have own identity. Atleast they know about they name, age, born and lived. This is basically identity we as human.

It's a popular phrase that comes up when you meet someone new, whether you're at a party, seminar or a job interview. People love to talk about themselves, and this is the perfect introductory question that lets you wow new friends or colleagues with the finer details of your life. So, where do you begin?

Let me begin ourselves, my name is Faiz Ramli, i have been living in Tampoi, Johor Bahru. I think maybe around 2 years i come back here because previously i'm stay in Klang, Selangor. Eleven years old, my family decide to moved and stay Klang and i'm stay there until twenty years old. Currently, i'm working at Legal Firm. 

After i'm finish my Diploma Risk in Management, i'm decide to work because nowadays most employer or company they need some experience atleast 1 - 3 year experience. Eventhough, if we are talk company not give opportunity to fresh graduate, we can't push them because they have basic requirement for external candidate. Otherwise, fresh graduate to take opportunity practical that company and showing you skill before apply that position.    

Overall we refer to Allah because he gives us sustenance. We can plan, but only he have good plan to us. For me, study as a part time student you have need strong, cause you need to manage your time. Make it as challenge to you. 

Okay guys, if you have anything to ask. Please do not hesitate to ask by email.


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